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Apologies to the 331,000 straight, single ladies of Melbourne: there could be only 599 eligible bachelors left. Happy Valentine’s Day.

353,000 – more than enough to go around. However, based on comprehensive research into the lifestyles and attitudes of almost 2500 of them in Melbourne, Roy Morgan Research has sifted through to provide this Guide to the Perfect Man.

Of straight, single men in Melbourne:

  • 53% feel financially stable
  • 58% love to cook
  • 61% bought deodorant in the last six months
  • 42% are a ‘Mr Fix It’ type
  • 79% believe helping others is an important part of who they are
  • 34% believe expensive restaurants are worth the money
  • 58% have read a book in the last three months
  • 53% are in the ‘acceptable’ BMI range
  • 50% like weekends away
  • 74% like to know what’s going on in the world
  • 85% try to recycle everything
  • 83% don’t have substance abuse issues or dandruff

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source October 1996 – September 2012; n = 2419. Base: Straight Single Men 18+ in Melbourne.

So if all you require is a man who loves to cook, that’s 58% of the 353,000 straight, single men in town: 204,740 prospects.

Prefer your Mr Right was also a Mr Fix-It? 42% of 204,740 is 85,991.

If your standards are a little higher and you want even more of these boxes ticked, finding an ideal mate may prove difficult: multiplying out all these criteria will reveal just 599 men.

Over the last 16 years conducting face-to-face market research across Australia, Roy Morgan has only encountered only 27 of these exceptional cases: seven in NSW, seven in Victoria, six in Queensland, two in SA, four in WA, and a lonely one in Tasmania.

And eight of these lived with their parents.

This Guide to Discovering the Perfect Man is for entertainment purposes only. There may be more men out there who meet your criteria. Or fewer: we didn’t ask about mummy issues, action-figure collections or prior criminal convictions.


Image source: Roy Morgan Single Source October 2011 – September 2012; n = 8517. Base: Melbourne18+

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