Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 - Opmantek
Opmantek – an Australian public company (ASSOB:OMK) - has today acquired the intellectual property for one of the world’s leading open source software products in the field of network inventory discovery and audit.

Opmantek acquired Open AudIT (www.open-audit.org) for an undisclosed sum and will integrate the intellectual property with their software offerings including their flagship network management system - NMIS.

Open-AudIT software was first released in 2002 and is used by an estimated 25,000 organisations globally. Open-AudIT software is licensed as free open source software under the GNU General Public License, a model Opmantek will continue to support. Opmantek has a history of investing in free open-source software and adding commercial modules and services to fund investment into the Open Source community. Opmantek intends to keep Open-AudIT free and will invest in enhancing the software in anticipation that a number of organisations will purchase Opmantek commercial products and services that are a natural extension to Open-AudIT.

CEO Danny Maher says that Opmantek’s commercial open source model is a game changer for the software industry and is reducing costs and enhancing capabilities for their large base of customers globally. Mr Maher intends to repeat the successful business model deployed in the commercialisation of Opmantek’s flagship NMIS product (Network Management Information System) to bring benefits to the Open-AudIT community, including free users and those organizations that require commercial support and additional software for a fee.

“It is critical for organisations to leverage the cost savings that open source software can bring in order for them to remain competitive” says Mr. Maher. “Commercially operated open source projects give businesses the commercial certainty they expect in business software and rapid development for the entire community.”

“The acquisition of Open AudIT by Opmantek, as a socially conscious, commercial open source organisation is going to provide security for progression of the open source project and the commercial backing that many business customers require.”

“Open source software develops rapidly through a global community of users who have access to the source code and modify it and play with it. I am a firm believer that the sharing of ideas and knowledge will create a better world and will always create better software.

“Open AudIT is a global leader in the field of network discovery and audit and we are thrilled with the acquisition. The Open AudIT software is a natural fit with Opmantek’s NMIS product and brings 25,000 new customers to Opmantek. We anticipate that once Open AudIT is integrated with NMIS, many Open AudIT users will deploy NMIS. Open AudIT will also add significant value to Opmantek’s existing customers and we expect that more than half of our customer’s will deploy Open AudIT. The acquisition is a big win for all NMIS and Open AudIT users and for Opmantek shareholders.”

As part of the acquisition, Open AudIT founder Mark Unwin will join Opmantek where he will link up with open source pioneers Keith Sinclair and Danny Maher. “I am excited to be joining Opmantek and excited at the opportunity the acquisition gives to all Open AudIT users” says Mr Unwin. “For me, the acquisition was a no brainer, everyone is a winner from it. I really wanted to join the Opmantek team as they are leaders in open source commercialisation, trustworthy and smart. The acquisition of Open AudIT by Opmantek and the ongoing investment that Opmantek is going to make in Open AudIT will bring enormous benefits to all Open AudIT users.”

Attracting Opmantek to Queensland was a boost to Queensland and the company quickly caught the eye of Ros Bates – Queensland’s Minister for Science, IT, Innovation and the Arts.

Ms Bates says that the company is an excellent example of a successful Queensland IT company on a global scale.

“Queensland is a great location for technology companies. This most recent acquisition by Opmantek will bring more technology jobs to Queensland, and continues to show the world the high quality innovation that is delivered globally from Queensland,” said Ms Bates.

Open AudIT software is used by IT people to scan their organisation’s network and gather information on all devices. It reports on a wide range of information including versions of hardware and software and the configuration of the system.

For more information about the company, please visit www.opmantek.com


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Opmantek is at the forefront of developing, marketing, packaging and distributing software in the network management field. Opmantek operates under a commercial open source software model where many user's of Opmantek software also contribute to the development.

Opmantek is rapidly expanding and has a global base of 25,000 organisations that use their flagship NMIS software (Network Management Information System).

Opmantek is a public company incorporated in Queensland, Australia (ASSOB:OMK) with offices in Australia, USA, Mexico and Panama.
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P: +61 7 31025896
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