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The latest Roy Morgan Air Travel Report for October 2012 shows 38.8% of Australians used Virgin Australia on their last domestic holiday or leisure trip, and 38.4% used Qantas.

Jetstar is gaining ground in the domestic leisure market, with the October 2012 results showing that 36.0% of Australians used Jetstar on their last domestic holiday or leisure trip, up from 32.5% in October 2011.

Some 5.4% of Australians used Tiger Airways according to the October 2012 report. This is down from 8.1% in October 2011.

Airlines used on Last Holiday or Leisure Trip

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), November 2011 – October 2012, average annual sample n = 3,301.

Jane Ianniello, International Director of Tourism, Travel & Leisure, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Virgin Australia is being seriously challenged by the Qantas group in the domestic leisure market. Jetstar has been able to grow its share of the market by positioning itself as a discount airline and appealing to the budget conscious air traveller.

“However, Virgin Australia is fighting back, having recently announced that it is seeking to take a 60% stake in the discount carrier Tiger Airways. Virgin Australia and Tiger Airways plan to jointly spend $62.5 million to boost the Tiger fleet from 11 aircraft to 35 over six years.

“The Roy Morgan data shows there are distinctly different profiles for business travellers, leisure travellers, and budget air travellers.

“It is important for airlines to understand these demographics, attitudes and behavioural nuances so as to position their brands and tailor appropriate messages to entice travellers to choose to fly with them.”


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