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The old classic characters continue to hit the spot with Australian children whose favourite superheroes - Batman, Superman & Spider-Man – have been around long before the mediums they often use to view them, including digital TV, iPhones and even the Internet. 


Kids’ favourites

Source: Roy Morgan Young Australians Survey, July 2011 — June 2012, n = 3,447.  (Unprompted favourites; Base: Australian children aged 6-13 years).

The number one superhero nominated by boys aged 6-13 is Batman, followed by Spider-Man and Superman. Among girls 6 -13 Wonder Woman takes the top spot, followed by Batman and Superman.

Spongebob Squarepants, Bugs Bunny and Tweety are the favourite cartoon characters among girls, and for boys the top two are the same but Ben 10 replaces Tweety in third place.

These are the latest results from Roy Morgan Research’s Young Australians Survey, which asks children aged 6-13 years to name their Favourite Super Heroes, Cartoons and Computer Games in addition to asking questions about What’s Cool, Favourite Sports, Shopping and Media as well as their attitudes about life, leisure and the world.

John La Rosa, Industry Director - Agencies, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“As marketers we have a tendency to think of kids as fickle and that there is always some new great thing taking up their attention. In truth we are finding that the old favourites continue to endure. In fact, the only relative newcomer to the Favourites list is Ben 10, who first hit screens in 2007.

“This is good news for marketers, who can be reassured that investing in the right brand association can mean longevity, not just a fad.”

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