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WinZip Computing, a Corel Company, introduces WinZip® 17, the industry's first single application that's designed to give users a better way to manage, protect and share files across all the ways we connect today - the cloud, social media and email.

Cloud storage and social media give consumers and businesses new opportunities for collaboration and information sharing. With WinZip 17, the world's most popular file utility is building on its core strengths in compression and encryption to make it safer, easier and faster to share files on all of today's communications platforms. Experience the simplicity of an application that enables you to manage and access the files you've saved across your SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, all from one place. Easily prepare, convert and protect your files as you share. When reaching out over LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, WinZip 17 offers new ways to deliver rich content to friends, contacts and followers.

WinZip 17 is the safer, simpler and faster way to share - anywhere.

 --  Secure sharing in the cloud - Direct integration with SkyDrive, Dropbox  and Google Drive makes it simple to protect files from prying eyes and  save on storage costs by zipping and encrypting (with 128- or 256-bit  AES encryption) the files you store and share on the cloud.       

--  Manage and share from the cloud - WinZip 17 lets users see and organize  the files saved in their SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.  When sharing, WinZip automatically creates links to these files that you can easily send from your own email.       

--  Zip and share files to social media - With the integrated ZipShare™  service, share any file format to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, making  it easy to broadcast a wider selection of content on all three social  media services at once.       

--  Convert and share the right file, the right way - As you zip and send,  files can now be instantly converted on the fly to the best possible  format for sharing. Convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF for added protection; watermark photos and PDF files; and scale down photos to more reasonable sizes without taking any extra steps.       

--  Updated UI and more intuitive zipping and unzipping - Context-sensitive  ribbon toolbars display the right tools for zipping and unzipping,  sharing to the cloud or sending files by email.       

--  Send large files with ZipSend™ - WinZip 17 makes it easy to send  large files or entire folders quickly and securely. Send up to 50 MB with a free ZipSend Lite account or up to 2 GB with a ZipSend Pro account. WinZip 17 also includes the new ZipSend Add-In for Microsoft Outlook that makes it makes it easy to send large files through email without changing the way you work.       

--  Accelerated performance - An enhanced compression and encryption engine  makes WinZip 17 even faster when backing up and securing large file  sets. WinZip is the only file utility software designed to tap into the power of graphics processing units found in Intel 3rd Generation Core Processors, AMD A-Series APUs, AMD Radeon graphics and NVIDIA GeForce graphics.


WinZip 17 is the latest addition to the WinZip product line up which includes apps for all leading platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, along with the ZipSend and ZipShare online services. Compatible with Windows 8, WinZip 17 also runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The company will also be releasing an all-new WinZip for Windows 8 app in the coming weeks.

WinZip 17 is available now from at the suggested retail price (SRP) of $39.95 AUD. WinZip 17 Pro is available for the SRP of $59.95 AUD. Volume discount licenses are available. For more information on WinZip 17 or to download a free trial, please click here.

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