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As spring starts to heat up the number of people embarking on a new fitness regime with the ultimate goal to get fit and to lose weight before summer is on the rise.

Unfortunately, a higher percentage than expected will fall victim to dishonest tactics employed by fitness centres all aimed at getting people to sign long term contracts with little option of cancelling.

According to a 2009 Choice review of the fitness industry, the NSW Department of Fair Trading received 344 complaints within a 12 month period with a high number coming from people dissatisfied with their cancellation request not being actioned and for not being informed of cooling off periods. The report also quotes British statistics revealing more than 80% of people who sign up in January stop going after 6 months.

“Which means a whole lot of people getting ripped off after being locked into long term 12 month contracts” says personal trainer Daniel Munday.

Munday, operator of group personal training business DPM Performance, is standing up in defence of these people who have been burned by bad experiences and has come up with a unique way to stop them from further wasting their money.

He is offering the “Fitness Fight Back” campaign to anyone who feels like they have been burned and sucked into unreasonable contracts just for being a gym member or participant with any other boot camp organisation.

The campaign offers to train those ‘once bitten twice shy people’ for free for the remaining length of their contract in order to try and repair some of the damage the image the fitness industry has sustained.

“Providing anyone can show me a copy of their gym membership contract or boot camp contract I will give the balance of the membership as complimentary access to any group that I run” Munday states.

Munday mentioned that he wants to help Sydneysiders actually receive what they initially signed up for and benefit from a service that provides constant support and an encouraging environment and not just let people fend for themselves after they’ve signed their contract.

“People go into these contracts trying to do the right thing and improve their health and lose weight and the gyms have gotten away with taking people for a ride for too long now and not delivering on what they initially promise. This is the chance for me to help those who have a sour taste in their mouth from previous personal trainers or gyms”.

If you want to take up the Fitness Fight Back Offer please contact Daniel Munday directly on 0415 843 675 or email [email protected]

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DPM Performance

Daniel Munday is a Sydney based body transformation specialist who owns and operates DPM Performance – a mobile group training business.

He helps busy women get back in their skinny jeans even if they have been hiding at the back of the wardrobe gathering dust for years and busy men to lose inches from their waist line.

Daniel offers an industry first “Better than Money Back Guarantee” which states that if you are not happy with the results you are starting to experience after the first 30 days you will get every single cent back PLUS train for free until you are satisfied.

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