Thursday, September 20th, 2012 - Dick Smith
Dick Smith says, “Mr Murdoch, we understand you are in Australia and, as the person of influence with 70% of our print media, we are wondering whether you will be holding a major public interview explaining your vision?

"It has been many years since you were interviewed in Australia and I'm sure, as a man who believes strongly in the vital role of the media, you would be willing to answer some of the questions that your own journalists ask others every day.

"Perhaps you could appear on ABC TV’s Q&A or Channel 10’s Bolt Report?

"Will you be meeting privately with our Prime Minister and Leader of our Federal Opposition?” asks Dick Smith.

"I am sure the Australian public would like to know your opinions of our current political leadership, the direction of our economy and such matters as how you believe we should deal with refugees. These are matters your editorial writers pass judgment on all the time, and it would be very healthy for our democracy to learn more about the views of the man who employs them all. Personally, I would also like to know where you stand on vital issues such as climate change, as I understand you have strong views on the matter.

"Given it’s a time of big change in the media, it would be great to hear from you as the most successful media proprietor of our era. It would be a real sign of your commitment to a free press if you would agree,” Dick Smith says.

“Come on, Mr Murdoch – please share your vision with us. We need leadership in this country.”

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