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Roy Morgan Research has been tracking digital media, like Facebook, for more than ten years. But as more technologies emerge and are adopted with ever increasing rapidity by the new Connected Consumer’ the time has come to connect all the dots. The Digital Universe is a new module available in Roy Morgan Single Source which connects the myriad of digital touchpoints, providing a 360 degree view of the new Digital Universe and how the exponentially expanding range of touchpoints is affecting Australians’ daily lives - their media consumption, shopping habits, socialisation and expectations.
The Digital Universe quantifies many of the trends everyone has been suspecting over the last few years - provides facts about the way the digital universe is affecting Australians’ behaviour – and explodes numerous myths that have been gaining currency.
Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research launching The Digital Universe
As this ground-breaking multi-mode research uncovers consumers’ connections with new and emerging technology, savvy marketers will quickly realise that delivering a compelling, targeted message is no longer enough – you need to deliver your messages where and when your customers and prospects choose – and where and when they are most receptive.
Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research says:
“The Digital Universe has created an unparalleled, seismic shift in the way Australian consumers are interrelating and behaving. With over $22 billion spent online last financial year, eBay is now Australia’s No. 1 shopping mall – with more shoppers in a typical 4 weeks than Westfield shopping centres nationally.
“As connected consumers increasingly choose to read their newspapers on their PCs, tablets and smartphones, total masthead readership of newspapers is now higher than it’s been in over a decade.
“These seismic shifts mean that a thorough understanding of The Digital Universe will be essential to the survival of every Australian business in the next decade.
“Roy Morgan’s Digital Universe is the definitive resource that provides a complete picture and valuable, in-depth insights into the lives of Australia’s Connected Consumers.”
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