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When New Zealanders aged 14+ were asked which media they considered “most useful for providing information on Health, Wellbeing or Fitness”, 36% nominated the Internet ahead of Magazines at 19% while only 9% said Newspapers. These are the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Research Single Source Survey of approximately 12,000 New Zealanders annually.
Most useful media for information for Health, Wellbeing & Fitness products

Source: Roy Morgan Research Single Source, New Zealanders 14+, June 2011 – May 2012, n= 11,737.

The 25-34 year old age groups were the ones driving this trend with 55% of them stating that the internet is the most useful media for health, wellbeing and fitness products. This is followed by 14-24 year olds and 35-49 year olds (44% and 42% respectively).

Analysis by age of importance of Internet, Magazines and Newspapers for information on health, wellbeing & fitness products

Source: Roy Morgan Research Single Source, New Zealanders 14+, June 2011 – May 2012, n= 11,737.

Pip Elliott, General Manager (New Zealand), Roy Morgan Research says:
“New Zealanders’ awareness and understanding of the available health, wellbeing and fitness products is crucial. Roy Morgan Research shows how most New Zealanders view the information sources available today.

“With ease of use and access to the internet nowadays, New Zealanders say it is the most useful media when seeking information about health, wellbeing and fitness products. Print media (comprising magazines and newspapers) are more valued among the older population.  For those in the health industry wanting to communicate their products and services, the message is clear - age is a key consideration in optimising media selection for healthcare products.

“The Internet peaks as the single most useful channel for 55% of consumers in the 25 -34 year old age group, but that preference is halved for the 50-64 year olds and drops to 13% for the 65+ group. The over 50’s are an important group for healthcare communications, particularly in the area of chronic illness. For this age group, print media is just as important when compared to the internet. In addition, people with particular health problems often have specific media preferences that can be focused on.

“For those wanting a deeper understanding of relationships between health, wellbeing and fitness and demographics, attitudes, lifestyle, behaviour and media, the Roy Morgan Research health data enables media planners to segment consumers across specific conditions or illnesses and target health communications utilising their preferred channels.”

An extensive range of detailed Roy Morgan New Zealand Health and Wellbeing profiles includes the Illness and Conditions Profiles, Pharmacy Product Profiles, Smoking Profiles, and Word of Mouth. Roy Morgan Research Consumer Profile contains insightful quantitative data in ready-to-copy-and-paste charts and graphs that can be an invaluable resource for your market review, strategic marketing planning, advertising brief development, management update presentation or conference address.

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