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According to the latest Roy Morgan Research New Zealand “State of the Nation” Report, a record 63% (more than 2.2 million New Zealanders) now agree that Maori culture is an essential component of New Zealand society.
Over the last decade there has been an upsurge in the realisation of the importance of Maori culture to New Zealand society. Although the trend appeared to steady over the past five years the last 12-18 months has seen a resurgence to a record 63% compared to 52% over a decade ago. These findings are based on Roy Morgan Research Single Source – a New Zealand-wide survey of approximately 12,000 New Zealanders annually.

New Zealanders view on Maori culture

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, New Zealanders aged 14+, January 2001 – May 2012, 12 month rolling average = 12,025.

Pip Elliott, General Manager (New Zealand), Roy Morgan Research says:
“Having just celebrated M?ori Language week for this year, it is interesting to see that there is an increasing incidence of Kiwis who believe Maori culture is an essential component of society. The aim of M?ori Language week is to encourage all New Zealanders to have a go at learning M?ori and using more Maori phrases in everyday life.

“Those with the highest level of belief in the importance of M?ori culture are females (68%) and people aged 25-34 (69%). As would be expected, there is a very high level of agreement on this issue among Maoris (88%) and Pacific Islanders (74%).”


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