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There are now 284,000 Australian Businesses that own, rent or lease a tablet computer, such as an Apple iPad, according to the Roy Morgan Business Survey for the 12 months to March 2012. Among these businesses, a total of 478,000 tablets are being used.
Australian Businesses that own, rent or lease a Tablet Computer

Source: Roy Morgan Business Survey (Australia): April 2011 - March 2012.Sample: Australian Businesses. n=8,898.

The Roy Morgan Business Survey also shows that the larger the business (in terms of number of employees), the more likely they are to have a tablet computer. For example, nearly half (46%) of all large businesses (with 200 employees or more) have a tablet computer, compared to only 12% of Micro-businesses (with less than 5 employees).

Andrew Braun, Industry Director - Mobile, Internet and Technology, Roy Morgan Research, says:
“While the current Tablet Computer market is being led by the Apple iPad (iOS), Google with their open-source software platform, Android and Microsoft with its recently launched Mobile Windows operating system (and new tablet “Surface”) could emerge as big winners in the business market.

“Many businesses today rely on Microsoft’s operating system (Windows) and software services (such as Word, Excel and Outlook). This positions Microsoft well, should they be able to leverage this customer base into the emerging Tablet Computer space.”

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