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These days Young Australians (aged 6-13 years old) spend less time watching TV than they did five years ago, however young people still spend around 14 hours in an average week watching television – well ahead of any other activity. These findings come from a major study of Young Australians’ media habits and activities conducted throughout 2011.
Other activities that occupy kids’ time include playing with and talking to friends (9.8 hours per week), using the internet (8 hours), watching videos and DVDs (4.7 hours) and playing sport (4.7 hours). The ever-present homework continues to occupy about three hours of kids’ leisure time each week.

Children’s time spent in 2011 compared to 2007

Source: Roy Morgan Research, Young Australian Survey January – December 2011, n=3,131.

A five-year comparison of these activities highlights broader societal changes such as the increase of internet usage as a proportion of leisure time, although it also highlights the comparative stability of time spent playing electronic games. The amount of time 6-13 year olds spend doing homework in an average week has also crept up from 2.8 to 3 hours per week.

John La Rosa, Industry Director – Agencies, Roy Morgan Research, says:
“Kids are starting to swap the TV screen for the computer screen. The internet is becoming an ever increasing part of a child’s life, with social activities like talking or playing with friends and playing a sport, are both on the decrease. Nearly 81% of Kids aged 6-13 years access the internet at home with 65% also accessing the internet at school.

“When asked if they would rather play computer games than play outside 28% of kids said yes. This increases to 36% if you ask just the boys and 43% for boys aged 6-7.”

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