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According to the latest Roy Morgan data, 55% of New Zealanders who subscribe to Pay TV are recording TV programs to watch them at a more convenient time. This equates to approximately 1 million Kiwis. These are the findings from the Roy Morgan Single Source Survey of 11,800 New Zealanders in the 12 months to April 2012.
Pausing or rewinding live TV programs is the second most popular TV activity amongst Pay TV subscribers. Using an electronic programming guide comes in third, with 23% of New Zealanders making use of this technology.

TV activities performed by Pay TV subscribers

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Mar11-Apr12, New Zealanders aged 14+ and currently subscribed to Pay TV, n=5,901.

Pip Elliott, Head of Roy Morgan New Zealand, Roy Morgan Research says:
“In September 2012, New Zealand television is going digital. Digital TV is replacing the current analogue system which has been used to broadcast TV signals since TV started in New Zealand. Switching to digital signals will deliver more channels, a range of new services like an on-screen TV guide and better sound and picture quality. It’ll be interesting to see whether going digital will lead to more Kiwis subscribing to Pay TV.

“With more and more advanced TVs available on the market, New Zealanders are adopting the new TV technology and features, such as recording TV programs to watch them at a more convenient time. Men have taken up the new TV technology slightly more than women, with a noticeable difference in the use of an electronic programming guide (27% and 20%, respectively).

“As for the age differences in New Zealand, new TV technology take-up has been slightly higher amongst the younger age groups, and starts to decline amongst the 50+ population. Detailed analysis of the Roy Morgan data shows the profiles of Pay TV subscribers and how they differ from Pay TV intenders.”

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