Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 - La Trobe University
Hard on the heels of the introduction of the carbon tax in Australia, Professor Tim Flannery, Head of the Climate Commission, will share his views on where to now for the global warming debate in Australia with Professor Robert Manne on Wednesday 3 August.

The Critical Decade: Will Australians support the struggle against global warming is part of the influential Ideas and Society series from La Trobe University.
The conversation will range over many issues including the work of the Climate Commission, what our opinion really is on global warming, the political debate in Australia and how it fits in or otherwise with the international viewpoint on climate change.

Professor Manne said it was a rare chance for people to hear directly from Australia’s most prominent environmentalist about his work with the Climate Commission.
‘He always has something controversial to say in his bid to make people think differently about the world and solving problems, which means that he does from time to time upset advocates on both sides of the climate change divide,’ said Professor Manne.

As an environmental activist Flannery has been particularly active on the questions of carbon emissions and population levels. He has advocated a population of just 6 million for Australia and forecasts, in the medium term, the end of conventional coal-fired electricity generation.

He has also aggravated many environmentalists by advocating the use of nuclear energy for some countries.

The Climate Commission is an independent body set up to provide a reliable and authoritative source of information on climate change, and to help inform the debate on this issue of national significance.

The Critical Decade: Will Australians support the struggle against global warming? will be chaired by Professor Carol Adams, La Trobe University’s Pro Vice Chancellor (Sustainability).

The Critical Decade: Will Australians support the struggle against global warming?
A conversation between TIM FLANNERY and ROBERT MANNE
WHERE: John Scott Meeting House. Bundoora Campus, La Trobe University
WHEN: Wednesday August 3 TIME: 12.30--2.00 pm
Public inquiries: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/news/ideas-society

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